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Resource Circulation

We are endeavoring to contribute to environmental conservation and
enhancement of the people’s quality of life by reducing the generation of wastes
to the maximum extent possible and treating generated wastes in an environment-friendly manner.

Wastewater is treated in connection with public wastewater treatment plants through
evaporative concentration, physical and chemical treatment systems to
prevent harm to citizens’ health and environmental hazards and conserve the
water environments of public waters, including rivers and lakes.

호남환경에너지주식회사 이미지

Renew Liquid Honam

  • License Wastewater treatment business
  • Processing capacity 198㎥/day
  • Customers
    • Kolon Life Science Corporation(Gimcheon)
    • Busan Green Power
    • Dongsung Corporation
    • Emax Solutions(Suncheon)
  • Location Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do