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Resource Circulation

We are endeavoring to contribute to environmental conservation and
enhancement of the people’s quality of life by reducing the generation of wastes
to the maximum extent possible and treating generated wastes in an environment-friendly manner.

It is one part of an integrated waste management system,
which is a
well-engineered and managed facility for the disposal of solid waste.

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YS Tec Co., Ltd.

  • License Terminal waste disposal business
  • Treatment capacity
    • Ordinary wastes from industry : 2,658,000m3
    • Designated wastes from industry : 770,000m3
    • Maximum landfill : 91.5m
  • Customers
    • POSCO (Pohang)
    • Samyang Corporation (Ulsan)
    • LG Chemical (Ulsan)
    • Lotte Fine Chemical (Ulsan)
  • Location Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do